AOM Industrial



Achieve a strategic and trusted relationship with our customers. Be a company of recognized prestige, with excellent after-sales service, providing specialized high quality products and provide import services for such products. Offer to our customers a personalized, committed relationship, with a high sense of integrity; integrating knowledge and expertise



To be a recognized company in marketing and  distribution of specialized products for the aerospace industry electric motors, heat treatment furnaces, ceramic, automotive and metalworking. To offer innovative and cutting-edge products, made of high quality materials and under high manufacturing standards.

Our company

Our company was created in 2006, based on the need to comply with the demands from the industrial market today. Through a personalized service to our customers and constant contact with them, we provide solutions and design of products and services according to the requirements and specifications of each company by providing excellent service, with fully reasonable time delivery at competitive costs.


Our goal is to help companies with the supplying of products of the highest quality, with the best delivery time and at the lowest possible cost.


Our products are included in strategic areas in production and maintenance. On the one hand, graphite/carbon products are focused on the manufacturing and maintenance of motors, pumps and compressors; we also have products for high temperature vacuum furnaces and ceramic production. Another area that we cover is the measuring equipment for the production of engines and auto parts, gears, tools, etc.


The main industries where our products are:

  • Paper industry
  • Cement industry
  • Industrial printers
  • Food industry
  • Beverage
  • Automotive
  • Steel industry
  • Wire manufacturing
  • Electrical motors manufacturing
  • Power generation
  • Glass industry
  • Ceramic industry
  • Medical industry
  • Electronic industry
  • Metal foundry
  • Heat treatments