Measurement gauges.

Measurement equipment with precision display.

Measuring range from 0.1 to 0.8mm.

Calibrated ring pattern.

Contact points in different materials.

Special constructions on demand.

Variety of accessories.

Split-ball probes

Universal interiors measurement system .

Modular design with a variety of accessories.

Application range of 0.47 to 41.3 diam.

Calibrated ring pattern.

Chamfer gauges.

Hardened steel cone and contact surfaces.

Calibrated ring pattern.

Direct measurement of the diameter.

Measurement range 0.5 to 120 mm



The reading is done by analog or digital indicator.

Thread depth and lenght verifier.

For thread diameters from 1 to 250 mm.

Solvent resistant materials.

Always maintain adjustment


To check effective diameters, as well as minor and major diameters.

Minimal wear.

Simple start up and calibration.

PC connection available for measuring statistics.

For diameters of 2-820 mm


Independent power supply.

Robust construction.

Adjustable torque.

Two basic speeds settings.

Operation with a switch.


Mechanical probes for internal measurements.

Measuring range of 130-180 mm.

Measurement resolution of 0.01 mm

Arm length from 85-192 mm.

Electronic probes for external measurements.

Measuring range from 30-50 mm.

Arm length from 114-169 mm

Measuring outer slots, blades and foam, tube walls


Analog or digital precision indicators.


Classic profile measurements, optical measurement technology for 2D and 3D.

You can include different sensors: optical, laser, touch and X-ray tomography

Multisensor measuring machines with X-ray tomography to measure large, high density products.

Maximum dimensions of 327 mm diam, 517 mm height.

For measuring of aluminum, ceramic, steel, titanium, elastomers, hybrid, plastics, fiberglass pieces.