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We are a company committed to quality products and customer service, with more than 10 years in the market. Offering products of the highest quality and reliability worldwide. We are representatives and distributors of:

Schunk Electro Carbon, SA de CV; with over 50 years of experience and presence in the Mexican market, is part of Schunk Group, with its headquarters in Germany. Manufacturer of mechanical and electrical carbon/graphite products. Its applications are for indutries such as paper, cement, steel, magnet wire manufacturers, glass, industrial printers.

MeyerV was established in 1996 due to the need for companies to have reliable suppliers in the area of specialized measurement equipment, along with the growing of automotive industry, aerospace, metallurgical and heat treatment in the Mexican market . MeyerV Mexico represents European manufacturers of measurement equipment, high precision machinery. The products and equipment that we offer are of the highest quality.

Noxmat was founded in 1992 as part of Aichelin group, being in 1993 when it was formed as an independent subsidiary with its headquarters in Germany. Noxmat is engaged in the manufacturing and sale of high velocity and recuperated burners, control devices, radiant tubes and furnace components, including the upgrade of industrial furnaces and technical support.

PhoenixTM designs and manufactures temperature profiling systems for industrial heat treatment processes such as aluminium and steel heat treatment, steel slab re-heat, glass annealing, windscreen bending, ceramic firing, wet paint curing and powder coat curing. Measuring the temperature profile of products through these processes is achieved by attaching thermocouples to the product, connecting these probes to a Data Logger, and by protecting the Data Logger with a Thermal Barrier, the whole system can travel through the heat treatment process together with the product. In this way the true product temperature is monitored and stored for later analysis.